A Ghost theme for solo newsletter publishers.

Publish on web, send emails, run memberships and receive donations all from one place.

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This is where the story begins.

Notes is a Ghost theme that focuses on newsletters. It's unique in having a landing page to convert new subscribers.

It's an awesome way to publish your newsletter or blog, a serious publication or just one for a hobby. You make it yours with your content.

What are its features?

Feature 1
A landing page with all the information a visitor needs before they subscribe.
Feature 2
Mobile-first design for the modern newsletter reader. The fonts make it serious, but modern. It strives to be minimalist, but still convey the message.
Feature 3
Youtubers get demonetised, social media platforms deleted. The future is in small and independent publications that don't answer to anyone but the readers.

Who's behind it?

Hey there, I'm Martin.
I'm a medical student from Slovenia, who's passionate about publishing, tech and web development. Notes stems from my own publication, Medical Notes.
People connect with people, give your landing page a personal touch.

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What people say about it?

Testimonial 1

"Add some testimonials to showcase the value of your publication. Make sure to also add their image and website." - Martin Verbic, Medical Notes

Testimonial 2

"You can add up to three testimonials on this site. Always replace them, not add." - John Doe, Twitter

Testimonial 3

"Just make sure they show your visitor what your publication. And include people within your niche." - Jane Doe, LinkedIn